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"Surprise yourself with Excellence"

The next challenge is just around the corner! Step into the thriving phase of your life and pick up your ticket today to ensure your seat is reserved. We look forward to seeing you there.


  • If you've had enough of letting yourself down and you are ready to do whatever it takes to thrive, this is it.

  • If you've tried self-help seminars and books to improve your life but somehow you're still stuck, this is it.


  • If you lack the daily motivation and energy to give your best, this is it.

  • If you've been looking for the meaning and purpose of your life, this is it.

  • If you feel you tried everything but the world is still unfair to your success, this is it.

The Excellence Challenge is a 6-week experiment with yourself and your relationship with the universe. You will be challenged to try a new way of interacting with your world and see how it reacts to you differently. Hundreds of delegates have gone through this process before you and have changed their lives. Here are some of their comments:


“No one in my career & recent life has ever supported me like you did. I still love & thank you beyond words.”


“Opportunities just started opening up for me!”


“Things I once dreamed of being I have become and things I once thought I could be - I am!”


"The excellence challenge sparked a flame in me that lasted till now." [9 years later]


This workshop was a catalyst in the process of my transition. Thank you Willie Maritz beyond words for such a fantastic workshop!

How does it work?

The Challenge (5 Hour Workshop)

This exciting day will raise your awareness of the current state you are living your life in. You will leave inspired to start doing things differently and the day ends with a specific challenge for 6 weeks.


The Trial (6 weeks of applying "the challenge” in your normal life)

For 6 weeks you will apply some commitments you made about your life and track the impact it has on yourself and those around you.


The Discovery (5 Hour Workshop)

You will return for another day to share your story and hear those of others.  You will start working on those things that can change your life in the long run.  We will be dealing with those things that keep on tripping you up and we will assist you in planning a balanced approach to sustaining a life of excellence.


The Life (Ongoing application and support)

Back home and at work, you will continue applying the changes to your life and receive support from those new friends who completed the challenge with you. You can also sign up for a coaching contract with an “Excellence Challenge Certified Life Coach” (one-on-one or in small groups) to ensure that you have ongoing support to deal with those important things you need to deal with.



Multiple Founder, Public Speaker, Coach and People Developer

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Willie Maritz holds a post-graduate degree in Human Resource Development and has dedicated his life to helping people develop. He has founded several businesses and had successful exits. His founded ventures include Kalleo People Group, The African eLearning Academy, TalenTek,, and Wing.Studio.

He has spent more than 15 years coaching individuals and groups on entrepreneurship, leadership, and living fulfilling lives.

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